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Every Day Is Saturday

Sam Crowley is a bestselling co-author, inspirational speaker, business coach and one of the most popular self improvement gurus. He created the global movement called “Every Day Is Saturday”.

But people who knew him before his successes at self improvement field would not believe that he could do it. Sam Crowley is an ex stutterer, and who would think that ex stutterer can be very well paid public speaker.

Sam Crowley used to work for Fortune 100 Company and had what many people would call very good and well paid job. The problem was that the job kept Sam very busy. So busy, that when he used to come home every evening, it was just the time to put his daughter Madeleine to bed. Every evening his daughter asked him now the famous question: “Daddy is tomorrow Saturday?” Why did she ask that? You see Saturday was the only day when Sam had some more time to spend and play with Madeleine.

One day Sam got fed up with having to answer his daughter six days a week “no”, and he said: “No, but soon every day will be Saturday”. He decided to quit his job and to start on his self improvement path to financial freedom and to lots of free time for his family.

Against advice many of his friends and co workers he did it. He decided not to listen to negative people, and to be positive. Was he successful? No, he went broke first, but then he succeeded. He also recorded every step of his transformation and in this way created his bestselling program Six Days to Saturday.

Soon, many people who used his program became successful and financially free like Sam. They also started to live as every day was Saturday, because for them every day has become Saturday.

Now Sam Crowley is in the process of creating his new program called Every Day Is Saturday.

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