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Jamie McIntyre – Mindset of a Millionaire

In motivational circles, Jamie McIntyre is known as “The 21st Century Educator”. From $150,000 in debt, Jamie McIntyre turned his dream to become a self-made millionaire into reality. Today, he is eager to share his success and does so under the banner of what he likes to call a “21st Century Education”. From a concept that Jamie started, this idea of “21st century education” has now come to the ordinary Australian. It’s about finding a new perspective to life and financial freedom.

He believes this type of information has not been made widely available, keeping the majority of the population constrained to a job and almost like slaves to the banks. Jamie Mcintyre is passionate about ensuring the average person becomes financially educated. If you would like to learn how to excel in the 21st Century and create an extraordinary quality of life, including how to make money while you sleep, to free up your time to do other more important things than working for someone else 9 to 5, then read on as it may amaze you to learn just how much success people are having.

From the bottom rung of the financial ladder, Jamie McIntyre made his vision known. All self-made millionaires can describe their direction towards success and this direction is driven by specific goals. So when Jamie told himself that he wanted to be a self-made millionaire one day, he had his goal clearly defined despite the tremendous odds against achieving it. Jamie McIntyre aimed high and reached high.

As a successful entrepreneur Jamie first realized that in order to get to the top, a different approach is required. His focus shifted from the ordinary to the most opportunistic situations. With the different challenges he faced, he learned that changing his mindset would help him climb the hill faster. Self-made millionaires find opportunities in doubts and optimism in hesitations. Jamie McIntyre definitely applied the best financial strategies to reach his goals.

As a student of 21st Century Education, he knew that the shift in mindset is not so easy. While Jamie knew he had the talent and skills to be successful, he also appreciates the saying that “Rome will not be built in a day”. The desire to get ahead and to improve gave him the initiative to learn under the most successful self-made millionaires in the world. Under these leaders, Jamie shaped himself and developed the concept of 21st Century Education.

At his apex of his success, Jamie McIntyre developed a new passion to share what he learned and make a difference in the lives of other people. So when he built his multi-million dollar educational organisation, Jamie transferred his success to people who are also hoping to find the right fit of success for them. Jamie continued to travel all around the world and in Australia to conduct seminars and training session on creating the best possible quality of life, reaching one?s potential, financial achievement and financial freedom, and making an a lasting impact.

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