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Niche Socializer Pros and Cons

Niche Socializer Pros and Cons

After trying Niche Socializer for the first time in the long time, it seems that it is the decent product. Despite of the amount of HYPE (aren’t all of the letters over-hyped), the Niche Socializer software along with personal training actually delivers and over-delivers.

So here are the Niche Socializer pros:

  • Finding profitable niche (not something that is maybe good, just great with a lot’s of hungry buyers).
  • Building, creating the professional stunning looking website, both lovable by people and by Search Engines
  • Marketing Websites with 10 different ways, making sure the profits are made. • Autoresponder aweber service is included into Niche Socialiser package
  • Two sophisticated Merchant accounts are included. That is hundreds of dollars savings per year. Cons:
  • A big One for me (I am novice), is the learning curve. Yes, one has to learn how to use Niche Socializer Software. Yet, videos, manuals, and mainly outstanding support are phenomenal. Including constant training, and feedbacks on your own doing.
  • I thought it ‘s a bit pricey. Again, before I had no slightest idea, that personal coaching can cost twice of the initial Niche Socializer amount.
  • Too much information, can be a bit overwhelming at times.

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