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Niche Blueprint is the latest product from Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey. First time they launched, they sold out in 36 hours. Now after 3 months, all of the previous members have become successful.

A blog usually takes on the character of the person or persons that contribute to it because it is so simple to update. This ease of use leads to frequent posting, which creates a fluid, ongoing “conversation” with an audience that helps to bring out the nature of the person “behind the screen.”

Blogs feed off the web, digest it, recycle it, and infuse it with new life. Created by feisty, intelligent, opinionated, subversive people—and sometimes small groups—blogs are the future of personal publishing.

How Blogging Works

The idea behind blogging is simple. Software, either web-based or downloadable, allows you to work in a friendly, familiar environment, while behind the scenes, your thoughts, links, and pictures are being uploaded, formatted, placed according to your preset design, and saved to your web page. This means that you can surf around as you normally would, occasionally contributing to your blog—right from your browser.

Most blogging applications strive to separate form from function by providing an area for you to paste in your template—that is, your page design. Once you’ve placed your design HTML in the designated area, you don’t need to worry about layout (until you want to change it). Blogging software then takes over, merging your dashed-off text with your stored page design and publishing them together to the web as an updated page. With that ease, is it any wonder there has been such an explosion of blogging?

If you’re new to blogging, fear not—there are plenty of great already-designed templates for you to choose from. Posting to a blog is easy; that’s why bloggers post so frequently. It’s usually just a matter of going to a web site, typing information in a form, and clicking ‘Publish’ or something similar. Then your post is sent right away to your site. It’s almost addictive, which is perhaps another reason why blogging has caught on.

Most blogging applications also feature archives. Nothing you publish is wasted. If you incorporate a search feature into your blog, anything you post over the months, years, or decades to come is searchable by keyword or browseable by date. If you keep a blog long enough, your grandchildren might be able to create an artificial intelligence based on your entries. Nice.

Read More about Niche Blueprint

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