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The Quantum Key – Enhance Your Life Using Quantum Physics

The Quantum Key by Aaron Murakami


Quantum physics is a new and exciting area of modern science. With the aid of electron miscroscopes, we have been able to discover the smallest particles of our universe – the electron. But the interesting thing about electrons is, that as they revolve around the nucleus of the atom, they “pop in and out of existence”.

What does this tell us about our physical existence? Where do they go and return from? What are the implications for what we commonly call the dimension of “time”?

Science would limit itself to merely define every minute thing down to the smallest particle and examine it as if it exists independently from everything else! The truth is, nothing exists independently from anything else and The Quantum Key explains this by rejoining these things into one seamless unified field philosophy and science.

Countless people have used the material in The Quantum Key™ to enhance their lives and expand and sharpen their overall schema of the principles of nature.

The Power of Collective Intention

Life periodically presents us with “Golden Opportunities.” If we take advantage of them, our lives are changed immeasurably. If we ignore them, our lives go on, but change happens more slowly. The Quantum Key is one of those Golden Opportunities.

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